The Emerging Innovation Summit 2020 (EIS'20) is a future-shaping event that offers the attendees a rare opportunity to learn with the world’s best innovators and thinkers in rapidly changing world. EIS'20 will bring together an eclectic group of industry, community, and educational leaders and equip them with the knowledge and strategies to be at the forefront of the Industry 4.0. EIS'20 will be a transformational platform that inspires innovative leadership, transforms thinking and empowers business success.

Wide range of topics
EIS'20 brings together key researchers, artists, technologists and business innovators from Australia and around the world to share and discuss the latest innovations driven by imagination, creativity, design thinking, system design, technology and business innovation, digital innovation, sales and marketing innovation, research innovation, IoT innovation, innovative learning, team innovation, open innovation, accelerated innovation, innovation policy, etc.

The EIS'20 brings Emerging Innovative Minds (EIM) Speakers to inspire and equip the global audience with innovation skills.

The EIS'20 brings also business, industry, academic and government leaders in Conversation with the audience on Expert Panels to Discussions
Business Resilience in Unexpected Times
Creativity and Design for Social Transformation
Transformational Innovations for Business Recovery
Future Shaping Innovations
Technological and Business Innovation

The EIS'20 brings also workshops workshops to inspire and accelerate breakthrouch innovations required in challenging times. The topics of the workshops are on: The topics of the workshops are on:

Accelerated Creativity & Design
Transformational Innovation
Leading Edge Tech Innovation
Future Business Innovation

The main themes of the summit are:

Creativity and Design as a Business Differentiator
The Creative Way
Designing the future
Inventive Problem Solving
Unlearning & inventive Thinking
Systems thinking & design thinking
21st century skills
The creative within
Creative inquiry
Digital Creativity

Technology Innovation as a Business Enabler
IT and Cloud innovation
IoT innovation
Digital transformation
BigData and AI innovation
Robotic innovation
Blockchain and Future innovation

Innovation for Sustainable and Environmental Future
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Farming
Uran Visions and developments
Green ecosystems

Business Innovation for Future Leaders
Corporate innovation
SME Innovation
Innovation around the edges
Creative entrepreneurship
New financing/partnership models
Agile innovation
Innovation in the workforce
Developing a toolbox for innovation
Resourceful Innovation
Open innovation and Ecosystems innovation
The innovative mix
Customer centric innovation
Innovation culture and leadership
Investment innovation
Lean Innovation
Team innovation
Sales & Marketing innovation

The Human Face of Innovation
Inclusive innovation
Building the next generation of innovators
Process vs People
The shift from humans to robots
Inclusive models and movements

Emerging innovation methods
New theories of innovation
New business models
Redefining the rules of innovation
The future of innovation

Key dates

Event Registration
25 August 2020

Workshop Registration
25 August 2020

26-28 August 2020

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